Kincardine Ontario

Where Tradition and Taste Reunite 

Where people come when they want the full Lake Huron Living Experience. The Erie Belle is located in the downtown of beautiful Kincardine. Steps away from the shoreline, The Erie Belle offers a wide variety of succulent dishes for all.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy our Traditional Fish n’ Chips, and sample beer from our large selection of local favourites.

Our Philosophy 

“We believe quality is not expensive, it’s priceless.” We offer only the best fish on the market, along with our sizzling hot chips made to order and all of the traditional accompaniments – from coleslaw to mushy peas! At The Erie Belle Fish n’ Chips, it’s the excellent and friendly service which we feel really makes us stand out from the rest.

From Left: Charles Edey, Cooper, Jennifer, Madelaine, Kristy, Sebastien, Jon

Over 35 Years in Business! 

Like its namesake, The Erie Belle Restaurant enjoys a rich history in Kincardine.  Owned by the same family for 34 years, the Edey family proudly acquired The Erie Belle in 2018. We look forward to continuing its tradition of serving delicious food in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

The Edey Family invites you to savour our famous English Style Fish n’ Chips.  A personal touch is shown in every aspect of your dining experience, from fresh cut chips and coleslaw to our light, crispy battered fish.

Charles Edey is the CEO, Kristy Garneau (Edey) is the President and Jon Edey is the Vice President of The Erie Belle.

Our friendly, courteous staff welcome long time customers as well as visitors to the region. Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to seeing you again!


The Best Fish and Chips served with the finest that our local Craft Breweries have to offer.

The Wreck of the -Erie Belle-

the story of the old boiler, of Boiler Beach

On Wednesday, November 21, 1883 at 8:00 a.m., the Erie Belle, built 1862, in Cleveland, Ohio, pulled out of the Kincardine harbour, bound for the salvage of the Schooner J.N. Carter which was stranded in shoal waters two miles south along the shoreline. Because of huge boulders that lie on the bottom of the page rising near to the surface the Erie Belle had to heave-to a considerable distance from shore. A news dispatch released in Kincardine give account to what happened.

“About 3:30 this afternoon a loud report like the discharge of a 20 pounder cannon was heard in town, and while conjecturing the cause, word was received the the tug Erie Belle, had blown up. Though the vessel herself was lost, fortunately the lives of eight of the twelve crew had been saved. What caused the accident will never be known. It is supposed the pump which supplied the boiler has become choked in some manner and that the trouble was not noticed by the engineer who was in charge. The water got low and when the pumps did force some water into the boiler it has the same effect as sparks on gunpowder.”

Following the explosion the tug drifted in towards the shoreline where the boiler now lies. The wooden parts of the Erie Belle have long since been broken up and washed away. A plaque and the boiler remain as a lasting memorial to Lake Huron sailors, located approximately two miles south of Kincardine.

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